Niger delta region is one of the richest oil producing areas in Nigeria and the largest wetland in Africa. Over the years, crude oil spillage through pipeline and wellhead vandalism is considered one of the major problems of the region. Rising cases of wellhead vandalism have significantly affected sources of revenues of government and oil companies operating in the region.

Taking for example, the Alakiri and Olubiri wells that were vandalized by vandals last year. The Bonnet and Gate Valves from these Wells were stolen, which caused the integrity of the wellheads to be compromised and rendering the sites unsafe with the gushing of oil at high pressure.

We had a distress call from our client to arrest the situation and, swiftly, we swung into action. We fixed the wellheads that were damaged at these locations mentioned above, installed the Bonnet and Gate Valves locked with anti-theft nuts, and the wellheads were restored to normal.

These attacks by vandals on wellheads are worrisome due to its devastating environmental effects, and as such, Kenyon International is always capable and equipped in solving such problem just as we have been doing over the last few years.

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