Overtime, Wellhead vandalising has been a prevalent and re-occurring event in Nigeria. It refers to the wilful or deliberate act of damaging petroleum wellheads with the sole aim of stealing crude oil and other petroleum products alike.

In the Nigerian oil and gas industry, the effects of wellhead vandalism amongst others include huge economic losses from wellhead and plant shutdown, environmental pollution, fire outbreaks usually resulting in loss of lives. Scarcity and shortage of petroleum products as well as decrease in electricity supply with the attendant socio-economic problems can also be attributed to wellhead vandalism.

In Nigeria, petroleum and other products are transported from wellhead through extensive network of pipelines that run across different locations throughout the country from remote to populated areas. These wellheads and pipelines are however poorly secured thereby making them targets of repetitive attacks by vandals.

Significant number of crude oil wellhead vandalism in Nigeria, especially the Niger delta region, were carried out by the militant groups on the pretext for a better environmental management and development of the region.

Therefore, we at Kenyon International West Africa Company Limited are highly committed and capable in solving such problems when they, unfortunately, occur as we had handled several wellhead vandalising cases in the past and present, thereby making our services reliable and top-notch.

Kenyon Personnel installing bonnet and gate valve
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